Avera 40AER10 LED TV Review

The 40AER10 is a 40-inch LED TV introduced only recently in 2015 by Avera. Although it does not have smart functionality, the model has an LED backlight display, a swift processor, and an excellent audio and video quality. The clarity of its display, which remains unmatched in the market, combined with its low voltage technology makes the 40AER10 TV a perfect fit for fulfilling the television needs of the average customer.


This LED TV by Avera is the perfect blend of performance and aesthetics. It has a slim frame made up of fine quality material and polished in black. The design is available in three display sizes: 32-inch, 40-inch, and 50-inch. Its dimension specifics without the stand include a height of 3.3-inch, a width of 36.3-inch, and 21.7-inch in depth. With the stand, the model has a height of 9-inch, a width of 36.9-inch, and a depth of 26-inch. Moreover, this incredible version is equipped with several inputs including 3 HDMI ports, 1 USB port, and 1 Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) port. They allow for connectivity to other entertainment devices. Furthermore, Avera has included a remote control, audio/video cable, 2 AAA batteries, and a pedestal base with this version of their TV set.


The biggest attraction of this model is that it has a premium multi-core processor built with CEC technology. This enhances colors and details and supplies exceptional contrast to the image, which ultimately results in the TV exhibiting clear, bright pictures. The technology is innovative and immediately adjusts to the content on the screen by altering the LED backlight. It also reduces noise, thus allowing for audio clarity as well.

Clarity of sound is further achieved by its high-definition audio system feature which holds more detail upon conversion of analog data into digital data.

Another key feature is the CEC OptiTrum technology which simultaneously depicts and enriches colors on the screen. This makes the content pleasing to the eye and thus, more enjoyable!

Although it is not a smart TV, another one of its best features is that it enables connectivity and can be turned into a multimedia entertainment system via the HDMI inputs.

In addition to all of this, the 40AER10 LED TV is qualified by Energy Star, which means that it is energy efficient.

Furthermore, the television model has been tuned to offer three languages, Spanish, French, and English, and has a native refresh rate of 60 Hz.


At a reasonable price, Avera’s 40AER10 model provides an extraordinary experience with its LED-lit screen displaying a million different colors, enhanced by the CEC technology incorporated within the apparatus. The excellent sound quality thanks to the high-definition audio system provides users with a cinematic sound experience. Moreover, it is easy to set up and the diverse selection of languages that it offers makes the model user-friendly as well.

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