LG 43LH5700 Smart LED TV Review

The 43LH5700 is a 43-inch smart TV launched by LG electronics. It has a 1080p HD feature and an LG Triple XD Engine, which allows for a highly defined resolution that is not likely to be found in other TV models. Moreover, it has an LED backlight, a reliable refresh rate and several other smart features that make it stand out amongst the TV models available in the market today.


The 43LH5700 Smart TV is available in two display sizes: 43-inch and 49-inch. It has a height of 24.9-inch, a width of 38.4-inch, and a depth of 8.6-inch. It weighs 18 pounds. Created with a direct LED backlight and a 1920 x 1080 resolution, this smart TV has several inputs including 2 HDMI, 1 USB, 1 RF, 1 composite, 1 optical and 1 Ethernet. These inputs allow users to connect the device swiftly to cables and other accessories such as a gaming console and a Blu-ray player. The gadget has been made available in black color only and the model comes with 2 AAA batteries included in the package.


Its most impressive feature is the Triple XD Engine which augments color, sharpness, and contrast in visual content. It also reduces blur that occurs when the content on the screen is in motion. The engine performs all such functions by carefully analyzing the electric signal that conveys information about the image on the screen.

Another feature of this model is its LED screen with Full HD 1080p resolution. This results in an image quality that is crystal-clear with every color perfectly highlighted.

A third key feature is its smart functionality. This includes pre-installed apps such as Netflix and YouTube and thus, allows users access to a vast array of entertainment options. The model, however, does not support full web browsing.

In addition to such features, the 43LH5700 TV model by LG is Energy Star qualified. This means that it is energy efficient and users can conserve energy in every mode, be it in use, sleeping, or idle.

Moreover, it includes a built-in Wi-Fi chip and Virtual Surround Plus. The latter amplifies sounds, while the former allows online connectivity.


The model is easy to use, particularly because of its built-in Wi-Fi capability which lets users effortlessly connect to their home wireless networks and bring online content to their TV screens.  This is complemented by its smart functionality attribute, which provides users easy access to online entertainment. Moreover, the good image quality, resulting from its HD resolution and Triple XD Engine features, enhances the overall viewing experience for the user. Furthermore, the Virtual Surround Plus component gives users the opportunity to have a cinematic sound experience. All of this enriches the overall product experience for the user, from operating the device to watching content and availing entertainment facilities.

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