Seiki SE43FY LED TV Review

The Seiki SE43FY LED TV model was launched in late 2015 at a price of $320 with quite a few attractive features and specifications. The LED facility makes watching old films more enjoyable on it. It has been in the 76th position in Electronics among the top 100.  It has also received a rating of 4.0 stars out of 5.


The Seiki SE43FY LED TV is the 2015 model and is manufactured in China. It comes with a 43-inch screen. The size of the product is 38.39″ x 3.39″ x 24″ (without the stand) and 38.39″ x 24.0″ x 8.39″ (with the stand). It comes with a picture quality of 1080p, which is twice the quality offered by regular TVs. It also provides viewers with HD quality pictures. It weighs 17.2 pounds and is available in a glossy black design. It provides three HDMI ports, one USB port, one VGA port, one component port, one composite video port, and one port for an analog and digital TV tuner.


The LED TV has many user-friendly features attached to it. It has many different ports as well as many audio connections. These include an RCA input, PC audio input, optical output, and headphone output. A TV remote and stand are also provided.

The backlight is LED (edge lit) which enhances the picture quality to a greater level compared to other television sets. The refresh rate of this product is 60 Hz, which allows a fine clarity and smooth motion while watching action films. The image aspect ratio is 16:9. This television set can also be used to function as a monitor for other devices, making it convenient for users during their work. It also has different viewing modes that users can choose from. These include standard, zoom, and wide zoom.

On the other hand, viewers are not given much information regarding the product’s 3D technology and it does not have any connectivity technology installed. Due to this, other devices are unable to be connected to the TV to view other pictures and videos directly. A removable power cord is not provided with it either.


According to many consumers, this product functions normally like any other TV. The picture quality is excellent, especially when it is connected with an HDMI cable. Viewers are also quite satisfied with the appearance and resolution of this TV.

One problem that occurs is that a particular pixel always appears when the screen has a black background; it is not very noticeable otherwise. The sound system is adequate, but external speakers may be needed to enhance it further. Users have used computer and Bluetooth speakers for the external sound system.

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