Sony KDL40R350D LED TV Review

The KDL40R350D is a quality television model launched by Sony. It has been designed to provide HD resolution to all viewing content across an LED back-lit screen. Although it’s been named to be a smart TV, it does not possess any smart functionality. However, for a basic LED TV, the result on screen is remarkable and reinforces the credibility attached to the Sony brand.

Sony KDL40R350D 40-Inch 1080p LED TV
List Price: $268.00
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The KDL40R350D LED TV is available in only one display size i.e. 39.5-inch. Without the stand, its dimension specifics include a height of 20.6-inch, a width of 35.6-inch, and a depth of 3.1-inch. However, with the stand, the model has a height of 21.6-inch, a width of 35.6-inch, and a good 7.6-inch in depth. It weighs 23 pounds and boasts a spectacular image aspect ratio of 16:9. Built with a direct LED backlight, the aesthetics of this TV are stunning. It has been given a sleek, black frame that perfectly complements all the vibrant colors shown on-screen. Moreover, to accommodate for connectivity with other entertainment devices such as a gaming console or a Blu-ray player, several inputs have been incorporated into its design including 2 High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) ports and 2 USB ports. Furthermore, Sony has included a remote control (RM-YD092), AC power cord and R03 batteries to complete the entire offer.



A remarkable feature of this Sony product is the Clear Resolution Enhancer. It is a picture engine incorporated within the device which reduces noise associated with pictures, thereby providing crystal clear images along with visible sharpness in detail and texture on screen.

Another striking feature is Motionflow XR. While the native refresh rate of the TV model is 60 Hz, this technology results in an effective refresh rate of 120 Hz. What this ultimately translates into is that this technology clears obscurities when images on the screen are in motion, thereby providing a realistic feel when watching action movies or sports.

A third feature is the 1080p Full HD resolution which further enables the crispness in images across an entire spectrum of entertainment options, from Blu-ray DVDs to TV shows.

Moreover, the super multi-format USB play feature supports a variety of codecs, thus eliminating the issue of formatting different USBs.



The model is easy to use, providing convenience to its users particularly when using digital content via a USB. This is because of its multi-format USB play attribute which supports a range of USB formats. Aside from convenience, through this feature, the TV also enables greater connectivity and access to any digital content. Moreover, the model offers a unique experience with its LED-lit screen, evenly illuminating a million different colors that are further enhanced by the Clear Resolution Enhancer. All of this combined with the Motionflow technology enriches the overall viewing experience.The KDL40R350D embedcheckreviews

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