TCL 40FS3800 Roku Smart TV Review

The TCL 40FS3800 Roku Smart LED TV was launched in 2015 at a price of $269.99 with many impressive specifications and facilities for viewers. Since it is an LED set, it ensures that viewers can watch their favorite old shows in a more colorful light. It has received a rating of 4.3 stars out of 5. This TV has also been ranked at the 3rd position in Electronics.


The TCL 40FS3800 Roku Smart LED TV is the 2015 model which is either manufactured in the USA or imported. It has met the Energy Star specification and comes with a 40-inch screen. The screen is outlined by a half-inch glossy black bezel with a silver frame on the lower edge. The television is also required to be placed on two curved plastic feet to keep the screen firm. It comes with a picture quality of 1080p and 720p. The size of the product is 35.9″ x 3.2″ x 22″ (without the stand). It weighs 15.8 pounds and is available in black color. It has three HDMI ports facing downwards along with a 3.5mm headphones port and a cable connector. There is a four-way navigation pad at the bottom corner of the screen, which acts as a power button as well.

The TV is accompanied with a dual speaker and 2 AAA batteries required by the remote. The television’s remote and onscreen menus are unique and different from that of other companies. The remote is very user-friendly and has many buttons that provide viewers with easy access to many options (Netflix, Vudu, Rdio, and Amazon Instant Video). The volume and channel buttons are placed in a way which makes them easy to find while looking at the screen instead of the remote.


The TCL 40FS3800 Roku Smart LED TV comes along with a range of input devices. These include three HDMI ports, one USB port, one composite IN (AV), one RF IN/Cable input, headphone jack, and optical audio output. The accessories included are the television remote and a detachable power cord.

There are also different features available which make viewing films and pictures easier. One of them includes Roku Search. This feature acts as a search engine and allows the viewer to track down any item according to the channel, director, or actor. The app can be downloaded on a smartphone to make the process faster. A different Roku app also allows adding new channels and browsing through the current ones. Another feature includes the convenience of sending pictures and videos directly from other devices to the television. The personalized home screen also gives the option of 3000 different channels.


Since it has an LED light, the screen is lit up uniformly and there is no end to the viewing. It also avoids reflections and gives a clearer picture.

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